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BO Mod 1.6 Full Install
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BO Mod 1.6 Full Install.  Must be a clean updated DFX2 prior to install.  You can't use this to install over older versions of the mod.

Click Here to Download

Change Log 2-5-17
OICW 20 MM Increased KZ damage from 6 to 8.
Also increased damage from 550 to 650.

Change Log 11-5-16

OICW 20 MM Increased KZ damage from 3 to 6.
Adjusted RPG for AI to match what player shoots.
Adjusted mortors to not be as powerful. Should still be much higher than 1.5.
Added AGS-17 Tripod (forgot how hard it is to get a weapon in the game)
Added KORD Machine Gun Tripod

The game is at its max. It will not allow me to add anything new. Maps will not load at all.
This means no train from the SO Mod. Unless we start removing and replacing items. If we do this it could jack up existing maps with items that no longer exist.

Change Log 10-1-16

Fixed AI shooting you all though they can't possibly see you on items below.
Removed attrib: notarget
notarget really means shoot at you regardless. This is really for items like tables and chairs.
Where you can't possibly hide behind if they have see through parts.

BO Block 1 Wall
BO Block 2 Wall
BO Block 3 Wall
BO Block Building
BO Block 2 Building
BO Block 3 Building
BO large rock 1
BO large rock 2
BO large rock 3
BO large rock 1 A
BO large rock 1 B
BO large rock 2 A
BO large rock 2 B
BO large rock 3 A
BO large rock 3 B
BO PM Barn
BO PMtre_ho Hollow tree w/platform and ladder inside
BO Wood Shelf
Gasoline barge

Change Log 9-30-16
OICW lag time for first shot greatly reduced.
Removed all KZ damage from standard weapons to prevent blood splatter from self fire.
Cleaned Ammo.def up a bit to better format. Went from 192kb to 190kb file even when adding comment lines on each hand weapon to disable kz damage.

(I don't know if removing this will affect anything. The KZ damage is usually set to 0 on hand weapons.
I do know neutral players will no longer chase after you when firing near them. Only if you actually shoot them.)

Change Log 9-18-16
OICW has new ammo def. No longer shares with m203.
AI People Name 001 should be Blackwidow

Change Log 7-1-16

Destroy the Torpedos
Destroy the Fuel Trucks
Destroy the Railroad Tankers

Modified m203 and shotgun again.
Added Blood effects to knifes and weapons.
Added tons of new Music Wave Files. You can view them via the Music_Sounds_Info folder.
Removed Flamethrower.

Change Log 3-18-16

AI Dragonov & AI Colt 45 Ammo will kill with two shots when close.
Stingers will hit harder now.
AT4 & RPG hit harder now.
Removed most Thermals.
All tanks should now be able to drive and shoot by yourself.
Mortors hit harder.
Shotgun doesn't shoot as far but should still be deadly.
M203 no longer shoots and disappears totally. (or at least I think)
Fixed ammo buckets on Thermal weapons. It was keeping track of two ammos when you switch on and off thermal vision.
50cal will no longer blow up tanks.(or shouldn't)
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